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Setting Up a Business

If you want to start your own business, a private limited company (called spółka z o.o. in Polish, which is, by the way, most frequently chosen), a join-stock company, or any other, you do not even have to stay in Poland! If you want to work in your company, you need a work permit though. National or Schengen visa will do the job too.

We will give you a helping hand with complying to all the formalities, that is writing articles of association, arranging a meeting at the notary, submitting all the documents to the registry court. We can also set up your business through the internet – after 2-7 days, your company will be featured in the National Court Register (called KRS in Polish). This means that you will enter the Polish market in just one week! WAITING TIME: FROM A FEW DAYS TO A FEW MONTHS.

Due to having a company in Poland, it is easier to apply for a temporary stay permit, and then for a Residence Card.

P.S. Not only do we register companies for foreigners in Poland, but we also help Polish entrepreneurs start up their businesses in Ukraine!

Ask us for help: Setting up a business | Registering a company at the S24 platform | Contacts with a notary | Contacts with a register court


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