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Residence Permit

Do you have to stay in Poland longer than you planned? No worries, we will help you extend your visa. Moreover, if you study here or want to stay in our country longer due to work, you may be granted a temporary residence permit (from 3 months to 3 years). Keep in mind that we can extend this permit too!

Or maybe you just see your future in Poland, you have a Pole’s Card, you are married to a citizen of Poland, or your child was born here? In all of these cases, you have a chance to get a permanent residence permit.

P.S. No matter what kind of residence permit you might be given, you can be sure that we will also help you obtain a Residence Card which is valid for 5 or 10 years (depending on the case). Owning this card enables you to travel across the whole Schengen area without the need to have a visa. WAITING TIME: ONE MONTH OR LONGER. 

Please note that you have to apply for a visa extension before your visa expires! To be granted the temporary residence permit, you need to do it on the last day of validity of the visa or Residence Card at the latest. Only this move can extend the legality of your stay in Poland until the moment you receive the residence permit.

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residence permit / zezwolenie na pracę