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Our Immigration Lawyers Help Foreigners from Outside the EU to Stay in Poland, We Will Help You Too!

We Also Support Polish Entrepreneurs Employing Foreigners

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What Can We Do for You?

Legal Services for Foreigners


Residence Permit

Do you have to stay in Poland longer than you planned? No worries, we will help you extend your visa. You may also be granted a temporary residence permit.

Work Permit

Do you want to work in Poland? If so, that is great because our country needs people like you. We will do our best to get a work permit for you.


Polish Citizenship

You may acquire Polish citizenship if you have lived in Poland for a few years and you never left our country for longer than 6 months when traveling.


Do you live in the former USSR, have Polish roots, and want to live in Poland? This service is exactly for you.


PESEL Number

Do you need a Personal Identification Number called PESEL because some of the offices require it? No problem, we will help you out with this one!


Setting Up a Business

If you want to start your own business, a private limited company, a join-stock company, or any other, you do not even have to stay in Poland!

Virtual Business Address

Do you have your company in Poland and want it to be registered at a prestigious address?


Buying a Real Property in Poland

As a foreigner, you may buy an apartment in Poland. To do so, you do not need to be granted a temporary stay permit though!


Family Matters

Do you want your children to go to school but you are a single parent? Our immigration attorneys will tell you what you need to do and what kind of documents you will need.

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Why Us?

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  • We provide services for both individual and business customers
  • We cooperate with attorneys and translators across whole Poland and Ukraine
  • We will find a common language – we speak English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish

What Does the Procedure Look like? How Long Will It Take?

We Will Do Our Best to Get Everything Sorted Out As Soon As Possible


We sign a contract to start our cooperation


You give us power of attorney


We tell you what kind of documents you have to provide us with


We verify all the provided documents and get all the others that are necessary


We submit the documents at the appropriate office. Obviously, we stay in touch with the officials to keep up to date and get things done as quickly as possible


You get what you requested – the confirmation of your stay, a work permit, etc.

We will register your business in a couple of days, you will have to wait for the work permit or the permanent residence permit one month or longer, though.

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  • Thank you very much Mrs. Wanda Sielewicz for your selfless support in the subject of the Swiss franc loan. After reading her article in an newspaper, I contacted the law firm where she works. I received invaluable tips and reliable help. A very professional and expert explanation of the essence and mechanisms of tricking ordinary people on a large scale by organized and trained employes of various banks. With a clear conscience I recommend her law firm. She gave me faith and courage to fight against unfair practices of the bank in which I took out a loan.

    Andrzej P.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I can recommend this law firm without any hesitation, a professional approach, effective actions – all of it gave positive effects. My contract was efficiently and quickly analyzed and the documents needed for the Court were prepared in a few days. Everything was clear and understandable to me, the contact was excellent. I recommend 100%!!!



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Frequently Asked Question About Legal Services for Foreigners

  • Can a foreigner get a PESEL number?

    Sure, if you are a foreigner, it is possible in two cases:

    • you will get your PESEL number automatically if you registered your stay in Poland for longer than 30 days (we are talking about residence registration),
    • you will submit an application to the Communal Office and prove that you cannot get residence registration or get your things done at the offices, as long as you do not have the PESEL number.
  • What is a PESEL number?

    The Personal Identification Number called PESEL is an 11-digit number that allows to identify the person who owns it.


  • What is repatriation and who can be repatriated?

    Repatriation means a “come back to the homeland” and is also one of a few means of acquiring Polish citizenship. The repatriation law is all about people who do not have Polish citizenship and it applies only to individuals who lived permanently in one of the following countries on January 1st 2001:

    • Armenia,
    • Azerbaijan,
    • Georgia,
    • Kazakhstan,
    • Kyrgyzstan,
    • Tajikistan,
    • Turkmenistan,
    • Uzbekistan,
    • as well as the Russian Far East.
  • Is it possible to buy a real property in Poland if you are a foreigner?

    Of course it is. We will gladly help you achieve your goal, but keep in mind that it is much easier to get a permit to purchase real property if you have some ties with Poland, for instance: you live here temporarily or permanently or you are in a relationship with a Pole.

  • How does a virtual office work?

    The virtual office is an address of your company in a prestigious place that builds trust. This address can be put on your business card, you can ask anyone to send your correspondence there – do not fret, our employees will pass all the received letters on to you. In some cases, you may also arrange meetings with your customers there. 

  • How can a foreigner set up a business in Poland?

    If a foreigner comes from a country outside the EU, he/she just needs to meet one of the following requirements:

    • a temporary, permanent or a residence permit for EU long-term resident,
    • a refugee status,
    • a Pole’s Card

    so that he/she can open a business in Poland. All that is needed in this case is entering into the Register of Entrepreneurs of KRS or CEiDG and voila!


  • How can a Pole’s Card be obtained?

    A Pole’s Card can be obtained by an individual who has at least one parent or grandparent who is/was a Pole or two Polish great grandparents and can prove his/her tie with so-called Polishness: he/she knows basic Polish and customs. Please note that the Pole’s Card may be granted also to a person who has been very active (for at least 3 years) in the life of a Polish Diaspora when it comes to working towards knowledge on the Polish language and culture as well.

  • How can Polish citizenship be obtained?

    The citizenship may be granted to individuals who live in Poland and meet at least one of the following requirements, for instance: they are in a relationship with a Pole, they have Polish origin, they work here, or they were granted a refugee status.


  • What is the difference between these two work permits: type A and B?

    Type A is all about most jobs performed in Poland, type B is designed for board members or those leading a company.


  • When will a work permit expire?

    It is valid for a fixed term, but no longer than 3 years.


  • What is so special about a Residence Card?

    It confirms that a foreigner stays legally in our country. It also allows you to cross Polish borders without the need for a visa. 


  • How many types of residence permits are there and why?

    It depends on the situation of a foreigner – for instance how long he/she has lived in Poland – thus he/she may be granted a temporary, permanent or residence permit for EU long-term resident. There are also two other types: a permit for stay for humanitarian reasons and a permit for tolerated stay.


  • Does a temporary residence permit allow me to work?

    Everything depends on the kind of Residence Card you have and why it was issued. To sum up: it might be necessary to grant you a work permit, this needs to be checked by us.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fees for Issuing Documents by the Offices and for Our Services

One-off advice/consultation – 200 zł + VAT (246 zł)


With Whom Do We Cooperate?



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