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Brexit – What Is Going to Change for the British People Coming to Poland or Living Here?

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Foreigners and Annual Tax Declaration – What You Need to Know

A personal identification number called PESEL is a must! The Polish Ministry of Finance will no longer accept 111111111 or 999999999 in a place where the PESEL number should be inserted. You need to have it in order to fill out your tax declaration form, it is also required by some offices. Believe me, it is really easy-peasy to get it, but – frankly speaking – due to the pandemic you may wait longer than usual.

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Poland Needs Employees, But Only Those With Health Insurance

In December 2020, the law on foreigners changed. The new amendment introduced a few significant changes and two of them are most important from an immigrants’ point of view.

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Poland Welcomes Highest Number of Foreigners in the Entire EU

It might be shocking for some of us, considering what certain media say about the attitude of Poles towards immigrants, but yes, our country welcomes foreigners gladly.

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Are You Staying in Poland temporarily? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know!

First time in Poland for a longer period of time? Learn about a few basic rules that are mentioned below which will make things much easier!

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Catches and Exceptions to The Rules – In Other Words: What You Should Know When Staying in Poland

When it comes to your stay in our country, you do not always have to meet all the requirements as there are so many exceptions to the rules. There is a chance that you do not need a work permit, or you can study in Poland for free. Find out if any of these exceptions apply to you!

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Foreigners: 10 Questions and Answers On Staying in Poland

A few questions have crossed my mind recently. To be honest, not only mine, well, our clients also keep asking them. Maybe you do too? Read the article below to find the answers! Should you need to delve more into the subject, just let us know – we will discuss it together - either at our office or online.