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Do you live in the former USSR, have Polish roots, and want to live in Poland? This service is exactly for you. If your direct ancestors were Poles, you may apply for a repatriation visa. The good news is that your spouse may also be granted one. We will help you collect all the necessary documents, so that you can present them to the Consul. Please keep in mind that the visa is valid for one year, so you must arrive in Poland before it expires. WAITING TIME FOR THE VISA: FROM 14 TO 60 DAYS.

Upon your arrival, we will help you out when dealing with all the offices: the Civil Registry Office (translating all your vital records – a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, etc.), the Citizen and Foreigner Affairs Department in the Voivodeship Office (confirmation of Polish citizenship), City Hall and Communal Office (ID card issuance, residence registration, obtaining a PESEL number).

Ask us for help: Repatriation | Repatriation visa | Representation before the Consul | Representation before the City Hall and Communal Office | Representation before the Civil Registry Office | Representation before the Voivode


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